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Gerhardt Fourie – signed with Fanjam

Gerhardt Fourie – signed with Fanjam

Top Model SA completely changed my life! When I was scouted I knew absolutely nothing about modelling, not knowing how to pose, not knowing how to walk or present myself, but with the workshop just before the finale that was no longer a problem, we got some tips from past winners regarding photos and runway walking, tips I still use today.

One thing to make note of Top Model is that it is so much more than just a competition, it is as runway on which any modelling career can take off.
In my case after the finale it was Mia from Top Model who organized me my first shoot for Mens Fitness, it is thanks to Top Model that I have a modelling contract today with one of the country’s best agencies in the country Fan Jam.

Top Model is a journey and the people you meet during Top Model becomes family, I’m still very close to a lot of the guys who were finalists, some of them also signed with Fanjam and we have become good friends.

Whether it is self discovery you are after or you want to launch your modelling career, Top Model is the answer.

*Photo credits

  • Fanie Nel
  • Louis Daniel Botha

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